Rajah | Lifestyle | Tips for a Memorable Summer Picnic

Rajah | Lifestyle | Tips for a Memorable Summer Picnic

With more and more devices and distractions keeping us inside these days, a picnic is a wonderful and cost-effective way to get yourself and your loved ones to unplug and breathe in some fresh air together as a family.

For a hassle free day out, follow some of our tips:

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
If you are out in the sun all day it’s best to bring along plenty of water. A really good idea is to partially freeze the water so it stays cooler for longer. This ice water can also act as an ice pack to keep the food in your cooler box at a cool temperature.

2. Take Cover
If your spot is not a shady one, be sure to protect your skin from the sun by bringing a beach umbrella or wearing a comfortable hat. Remember to apply sunblock before your picnic, as well as to re-apply throughout the day. Not only will these tips help protect your skin, but they’ll ensure you’re more comfortable for the duration of your time outdoors.

3. Seating
What’s a picnic without a picnic blanket? Bring one or 2 large blankets so that you have a place to spread your food out. If you have extra hands to carry things, bring a cushion so that you can lie down and read a book or a magazine while the little ones play.

4. Keep It Simple
Not all picnics need to include a braai. If transport, space or time is an issue, stick to some simple and fresh food options. Fruit, biltong, sandwiches, chips, and nuts are great options and which can easily be transported and packed into re-sealable containers. Avoid mayonnaise and other sauces which have the potential to melt, mess or sour in the heat of the sun. If mess is inevitable (and it always is) bring along paper towels or wet wipes for fuss-free clean ups.

5. Let the Games Begin
If you know you’ll be picnicing in a nice big space, remember to pack a ball, some racquets, and any other items which will can help you make the most of some run-around space. If you’d prefer to keep you picnic more laid back, take a pack of cards or a compact board game as a fun activity you can play together as a family.

A fun day with your favourite people doesn’t need to come at a great expense. With just a little bit of thought, and a great basket of snacks, you’re all set for a great time with friends, family, and the great outdoors.