Tips for an Irresistable Sishebo

Tips for an Irresistable Sishebo

A familiar conversation between friends and family in this day and age is that we don’t get together as often as we would like. We long for the sense of community that came with unplanned meal times together — the kind that just happened when Sihle popped by to say hello and ended up staying for dinner. Or when Thozama picked up her kids and was swayed to stay over for a cup of tea. As much as this sounds ideal, reality doesn’t often offer us this luxury.

In our busy world, getting everyone to sit at the same table to share a meal means diary-checking, advanced notice, and a whole lot of planning. And if getting everyone under one roof is not difficult enough, the host often needs to prepare a meal that will go well with everyone’s different dietary needs and preferences!

As South Africans, we know one thing for sure — when looking for easy dinner recipes, a classic mutton or vegetable sishebo is always a brilliant idea. It’s a firm family favourite and is sure to satisfy your guests. But making a great impression means you need to know a few key tips for turning this old time favourite into something extraordinarily tasty.

Here are a few helpful sishebo recipe tips:

  • Be generous with your onions and green peppers
  • Add a bit of sweet chutney and tomato sauce to your soup
  • Don’t compromise on flavour — use Rajah Flavourful and Mild. Your sishebo will not only be incredibly tasty, but the aroma will have your guests’ mouths watering from the moment they step through the gate.

If you’re out of ideas on what to serve your sishebo with, we’ve got some helpful tips for that, too!

Simply pair your sishebo with one of these delicious side dishes:

  • The traditional mash and samp
  • The Eastern roti, rice or bunny chow
  • Samoosas! A great way to use left over sishebo is to wrap it up in samoosas.

Now that you have the info, it’s time to get into the kitchen and add your magic touch to the sishebo. When your family and friends hear about the delicious meals you’ve mastered, you might just find them lining up for a meal and a hang out – no planning or stress required!