Valentines Day: A Great Excuse to Share the Love

Valentines Day: A Great Excuse to Share the Love


Historically, Valentine’s Day has been a day which has honoured sacrifice. In the earlier centuries, a number of Christian men by the name of Valentine died for their faith. As a way of celebrating their sacrifice, Saint Valentine’s Day was established. In the centuries that followed, Valentine’s Day has become a more commercial event, celebrating a more romantic kind of sacrifice – that of love.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show your love for and appreciation of someone. While this day traditionally focuses on the romantic love between a couple, it certainly doesn’t mean that only couples can participate! Love comes in many different shapes and sizes, and there is always enough to go around. Your loved ones can include your other half, your family members, your best friends, your neighbours, or even your community!

Just as there is more than one type of love, there is also more than one way of showing your love. As a tribute to the historical roots of Valentine’s Day, why not share the love by way of a ‘sacrifice’, too? A sacrifice doesn’t always have to be an act that is painful or difficult; a sacrifice can simply be an act (big or small) in which you give up something of value for the sake of someone else.

Sound expensive? Don’t panic! Here are some examples of how you can easily (and affordably) use sacrifice to show your love for and appreciation of those around you:



With our busy schedules and full workloads, one thing is sure: time is precious. When you have so many of your own responsibilities, it can be difficult to find the time to help someone with their load.

That’s where sacrifice comes in – when you set aside time to help a child study for a difficult test even though you could be catching up on your own work, or you help a Gogo carry her heavy bags home even if it means that you’ll get home a little later, or you offer to look after your friend’s children when all you really feel like is watching your favourite movie, you are sacrificing something of value in the form of time so that someone else can benefit.

Instead of trying to find the time to help someone else this month, why not proactively include it in your schedule. Even a small amount of your time can make a big difference in the life of someone else, and what better reason to sacrifice your time than to show someone that you love them?



If you are in a relationship or live with a loving family, why not invite someone single or alone over for dinner. Or, if you see that someone at lunch doesn’t have food and you know that you have a bit extra to spare, why not share some of your food with them? You may have to sacrifice a bit of your meal, but you’ll be providing someone with loving company or a full tummy when they really need it.


Everybody loves gifts! Gifts can be made, bought or even found. You can give your friends homemade cards, give your crush some bought chocolates, or your neighbours some flowers from your garden. Don’t let the value of the gift stop you from giving it away. Sometimes, the idea that you thought of someone is more special to them than the gift itself. Like the saying goes, “it’s the thought that counts.”

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