Weekend comforts

Weekend comforts


Weekend comforts
It’s a lazy weekend, you’re chilling with friends, and then, suddenly, you start feeling hungry. Rest assured, you don’t need to reach for the delivery menu to have an easy and delicious meal. Here are some mouth-watering weekend comfort ideas that will have everyone begging for more.


Start with your breakfast
Chakalaka is a south African household staple. Our daring recipes using chakala feature a classic baked egg dish that’s super-simple and absolutely delicious. This meal comes straight out of the pantry -and you will not be disappointed.


For lunchtime
If cooking on the weekend is the last thing you want to do, bulk up on your midweek meal preparation in anticipation for the weekend ahead. Use the leftovers of mom’s roasted chicken pieces and repurpose them into a spicy chicken pie. All you have to do is pop some ready-made pastry over a dish of shredded chicken leftovers. You can even add a tin of peas for a little bit of colour or to trick the kids into eating their veggies.

If chicken is not your preferred meat or if you feel for something a little lighter on the wallet there are always a number of yummy vegetarian options. Spicy pumpkin pies, for example, can be frozen and defrosted whenever hunger strikes – or when Sunday night lunchboxes are being prepared.


The comforts of home don’t need complicated preparations. Let’s face it, there is nothing better than indulging in easy, hearty foods without turning to your local takeaway joint. Remember to put the ingredients you’ll need, like rajah curry powder, on your list at the start of the week, and you can enjoy all the great comforts of home without the hassle.