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Rajah Household Tips: Wonderbags

In 2012 Rajah, along with Unilever, gave away 400 000 Wonderbags. These Wonderbags have helped each person save an average of R200 per month on their electricity bill thanks to their unique insulation technology.

Wonderbags are non-electric slow cookers that allow you to carry on cooking your food after you have taken the pot off of the stove. The Wonderbag does not release any steam so the pot stays warm and your meal does not lose any flavour or nutrients. You simply heat your ingredients to boil for a few minutes, then take your pot off of the hot stove and place it inside the Wonderbag – a big bag made of polystyrene balls and poly-cotton. The Wonderbag carries on cooking your meal for you without any electricity.

Why is this bag useful to you? Well, because power outages that happen right in the middle of dinner preparation are always a stressful disturbance. During times of Load Shedding in South Africa, the Wonderbag is particularly useful.

Unfortunately there is very little that we can do to avoid power outages, and half cooked meals on the stove might still throw you into a bit of a panic. Thankfully, there is now an eco-friendly way to turn this sticky situation right around. Other than helping you during badly timed load shedding, this wonderful invention has other benefits as well. It will help you save on your electricity bill, allow you to make healthier meals with tender meat, and it will reduce the need for you to constantly monitor your food because it will not burn your delicious recipes.

The Wonderbag is best for dishes such as hearty sishebos, breakfast oats, pap and soups. Here are some tasty Rajah recipes you can make using the Wonderbag:

Spicy Mutton Breyani
Beef Sishebo
Beef Butternut and Green bean Curry

We all can use a little help when it comes to making our lives run smoother. The Wonderbag is definitely worth considering as a money-saving and time-saving addition to your kitchen.

For more information on how the Wonderbag works and where you can buy one, visit the Wonderbag Facebook Page or website.

If you are looking for delicious, wholesome recipes that are ideal for the Wonderbag and are packed with flavourful and aromatic spice, follow the link herefollow the link here.

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