Working out the Festive Season Lunch

Working out the Festive Season Lunch

Even for the seasoned host, a holiday meal is the still the most complicated one that you will have to prepare all year. Figuring out the timing for your stews and roasts and preparing the various trimmings that your family just can’t do without is incredibly difficult. There is honestly no step-by-step guide for perfecting the timing list for your menu, but there is a set of hints and tips that could help you get lunch onto the table on time and without too much panic.

The first stage of the process involves a piece of drawing paper and a pencil. Draw out a schedule well in advance. A written list means that you can afford to be distracted while still keeping track of what still needs to be done. The two most important things to take note of are: when you intend to eat, and the quantity of food that needs to be prepared. This will ensure that you are easily able to spot mistakes and miscalculations early enough to make the necessary changes.

Try do as much as possible the day before your festive meal. Chopped onions and peeled carrots can be stored in plastic containers. If you’re planning on braaiing meat or making a delicious curry spice recipe , it’s best to let the meat marinate overnight in order for the flavour to be fully absorbed and the meat to tenderise.

Should you have any roasts scheduled, these should be done first as they often take time to cook thoroughly. Once they are in the oven, you are free to move onto all of your other sauces, salads, side dishes and desserts that you had planned. If you are having people over and you are catering for family members who like something prepared in a special way, it’s often best to ask them to bring it themselves.

Mutton and beef curries and poitjies can take hours to cook through so it’s advised that, when planning, you allocate plenty of time to allow the food to cook through – you’ll thank yourself later!

There are dozens of things that probably differ for you and your family but organisation is still the key when it comes to taking on a meal of festive proportions. Remember, there is no shame in asking for a little help along the way!

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